Other Analyses

HazOptima proposes other HSE reviews such as:

  • EERA: Evacuation, Escape & Rescue Analysis,
  • FIREPRAN: FIRE PRotection ANalysis,
  • SAFOP, HRA, F&G Review, ALARP Review, etc.

In addition, HazOptima is able to establish your own dedicated review, to exactly fit your objectives.

We can work together to develop the review procedure that will meet your requirements.

HazOptima provides high quality HAZOP reviews based on very effective leaders to head up the HAZOP team
Our References

“I will recommend HazOptima.”

Process Specialist
UOP A Honeywell Company

“One of the most detailed HAZOP I have ever attended.”

Process Engineer

“Adaptive, pro-active, HazOptima gives envy to go to HSE reviews. Go on!”

Project Engineer

“People from HazOptima were really efficient during the review. Planning has been respected and even challenged. Discussions with Chairman and rest of the team were constructive and no time was spent on internal meeting. Scribe was very efficient.”

Process Engineer