HazOptima has developed overall IT solution to facilitate HSE reviews.
Our development is based on PHA-Pro 8 recognized software, fully customized to your Project Procedures.

Our tools enable:

  • Time saving,
  • Cost Saving,
  • Easy focus and brainstorming,
  • And full consistency between different reviews and updates.

We propose the most outstanding outputs from our PHA-Solution:

  • List of all Safety Critical Eléments (control function, alarms, SIF, PSV, check valves, etc.)
  • Worksheet, ActionsSheets, Summary and Statistics,
  • List of Alarms with associated risk analysis exportable to Alarm Management;
  • List of Instrumented Functions with associated risk analysis exportable to SIL/LOPA; SIF Sheets
  • List of PSVs with associated sizing scenarios; PSV Sheets

Each barrier used during the different reviews can be listed, exported, analyzed and updated. All export can be provided in MS Office format.